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Where on Google Earth #474

For WOGE #473, we had a trip to the Diamantina River in western Queensland, Australia.

This being the first time I have hosted a WoGE, a short rules explanation:
A Google Earth image is posted with no coordinates. You find the spot in Google Earth, then post the lat/long in the comments here, along with a brief description of the geology of the area. Upon winning, it is your responsibility to host the next WoGE on your blog (or ask another player, e.g. me, to host for you), within a few days. More complete rules here, and hints on finding places here.

Without further ado, I present WoGE #474.


I will invoke the Schott rule: previous winners must wait 1 hour for each previous win. Published 2048 UTC Feb. 24

@Wogelix maintains a Twitter feed of links to the latest WoGE.

I am on Twitter, too: @i_rockhopper.


Welcome to The Inquisitive Rockhopper!

Named after rockhopper penguins, which are naturally inquisitive, the title plays on the author’s affinity to hop about on rocky outcrops admiring the geology.

This draw to neat rocks has extended so far that I am going on the Heard Island Expedition to (you guessed it!) Heard Island in November and December of 2015 March and April, 2016. While there I will do some science—perhaps assisting with a population survey of rockhopper penguins and other birds—as well as lots of ham radio as VK0EK.

On this blog I intend to cover a review of the scientific knowledge so far acquired on or about Heard Island, what I hope to accomplish while I’m there, and what some of the challenges are associated with this expedition. I am also on Twitter as @i_rockhopper.

Update 5/13/2015: Expedition has been rescheduled for March/April, 2016. More info here (my blog) and here (official).