Where On Google Earth (WOGE) #604

In WOGE 603, Jessica Ball (@tuff_cookie) took us to the Harrat Rahat basaltic lava field near Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Here is WOGE 604:

Steep terrain and some urban development in the northeastern half of the image, with water in the southwestern half.  The shoreline runs NW-SE, with a few bays.
Where on Google Earth #604

For those new to the game, the rules are simple. An image from Google Earth is posted (with north arrow and scale bar, scale bar recommended to be between 1-5 km in length). Participants then attempt to locate the image without using a reverse image search. The first to comment with the coordinates and a brief description of the interesting geology/hydrology/etc. wins, and chooses the next image, hosted on their blog or in concert with a blog-holding individual (such as myself). A KML with previous locations (through 589) is available here.

Schott Rule: In order to avoid the experienced players from unfairly dominating the game, previous winners must wait 1 hour from the original posting time for each previous win. If you’ve never won before, go ahead and search away!

Good luck!

Hint 1, 0715z 2020-01-28: This location is in the Eastern hemisphere.
Hint 2, 2100z 2020-02-07: This location is in Europe (<40° E).