Where on Google Earth (WOGE) #602

It has been quite a while since the last Where on Google Earth (WOGE), and sadly the founder, Ron Schott, has passed away in the interim. One of the other leading blogs, which had hosted the rules and KML with previously-used locations, has been turned off as well. However, on the suggestion of @tuff_cookie, I will attempt to restart it.

From what I remember, we had passed WOGE 600, and ended around 601. I am restarting at 602, and have managed to find a copy of the WOGE KML which goes through 589 (original, copy).

For those new to the game, the rules are simple. An image from Google Earth is posted (with north arrow and scale bar, scale bar recommended to be between 1-5 km in length). Participants then attempt to locate the image without using a reverse image search. The first to comment with the coordinates and a brief description of the interesting geology/hydrology/etc. wins, and chooses the next image, hosted on their blog or in concert with a blog-holding individual (such as myself).

Here is WOGE 602!

Where on Google Earth image.
Where on Google Earth #602

Good luck!


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