AGU 2017, Day 5

Unlike some other years, this year I had a packed day of conferring on the last day. I started out in the posters, because one of the Heard Island presentations was there. On my way to the poster I came across one of the geology professors from my college, and I talked with him a bit about my research. It’s possible I will end up on their seminar schedule. Upon arriving at the poster I was looking for, I learned about the helium isotope composition of bubbles near Heard Island and the McDonald Islands: they’re relatively mantle-like by McDonald, and likely more methane-seeps by Heard.

From there it was on to the exhibit hall, to see a few friends from grad school and make sure I hadn’t missed anything too exciting at the booths. I checked out a few of the aeronomy posters (about Earth’s ionosphere) to see if I could find any good ideas for speakers at the amateur radio clubs I am now in leadership positions in.

Having had enough of the posters, I decided to go to the session on indigenous knowledge and climate change. It was a particularly interesting session, and I wish more of the conference attendees had been there.

Finally, it was time for lunch with a friend from grad school, then off to the airport to head home.