AGU 2017, Day 1

The American Geophysical Union fall meeting is always an interesting conference, in part because of the diversity of topics covered. I started off the day learning about the effects of the solar eclipse on the ionosphere. From there it was off to posters, where I had some interesting conversations about polar atmospheric chemistry and met some grad school friends I hadn’t been expecting to see here.

Unfortunately, the wifi at the convention center was very poor, so it looks like it will be difficult to tweet this conference, at least from the scientific side.

After lunch, I went to a few more posters that had been on my to-see list, mostly related to glaciers, glacial melt, and glacial retreat. Some of the education talks looked quite interesting, so I saw a few of those before running across grad school friends and joining them for the big Planetary Science lecture, on the Juno mission to Jupiter.

Dinner with some grad school friends was good, as was the after-dinner expedition for beignets (French donuts, except with no holes). We had some very interesting discussions about working in science, both in academia and in industry, as well as on some of the challenges facing early-career researchers.