AGU 2017, Day 0

This week is the American Geophysical Union’s fall meeting, which is taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana. AGU is a big conference, which recently has been drawing 20K-25K attendees each year. With the conference scientific program beginning tomorrow, many people are arriving today.

Getting 20,000 scientists together in one city when they mostly arrive on one day takes up quite a bit of the inbound capacity on transportation. My flight from Minneapolis today, for instance, was probably more than 50% meeting attendees—many of whom are are recognizable by their poster tube decked out in NASA, USGS, and other Earth science related stickers.

The community is also weirdly small. On the plane was a visiting professor from my undergraduate institution, and when I got in line for the downtown hotel shuttle, two alumni (each one year apart from me) were on either side of me.

Upon reaching the hotel, I settled in and started the process of figuring out what talks, posters, and events I should get to this week. Thursday morning will be my poster, which I’m very excited for. There are some sessions on Wednesday related to my doctoral work (and co-chaired by my doctoral adviser) which look very interesting. Several networking events will be happening as well, with varying degrees of field specificity.

Eventually I’d had enough of scheduling and decided it was time to eat food. I walked over to the French Quarter and, having again crossed paths with the prof I’d met in the Minneapolis airport, found one that had good jambalaya. A long walk and some further scheduling later, and it’s now time for bed. Tomorrow is a big day, with lots of networking to do and cool science to go learn about!