Where on Google Earth #596

In WOGE #595, Ole took us to Easter Island, figuring that it may take a while for it to be found! It would have taken me much longer to find had Felix not remarked about how it was a little early for that place!

Now for WOGE 596, we leave the volcanic cones behind.

Where on Google Earth #596

Find the location, and leave a comment describing the important geology/hydrology/etc. of the scene. The person to leave the first correct location/comment gets to host the next WOGE.

Good hunting!

Update: I neglected to mention that hints on searching, rules for hosting WOGE, and previous WOGE locations (.kmz) are available from Felix.

4 thoughts on “Where on Google Earth #596”

  1. Congratulations Stephanie, this is indeed the reservoir behind the Aswan High Dam, found here:
    23.9620 N, 32.9366 E

    The geology here is built on a basement of granites and granitoids, with overlying sandstones in places where it hasn’t been eroded away by the Nile River. From what I see in the image, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few large dikes here. One seems to run NE/SW on the left half of the image, with another running N/S at the center.

    In this area, there has been spheroidal weathering of the granite, which in places has caused the ground to be covered in rounded boulders of varying sizes. These granite boulders were quarried and used to make building stones, sarcophagi, statues, and vases. See http://www.ngu.no/upload/Publikasjoner/Special%20publication/SP12_s87-98.pdf for mor info.

    This area also demonstrates what is called “drowned terrain”, where an increase in water level makes the contours of a landscape far more obvious than it otherwise might be, and highlights the fractal nature of topography. Because of the similarity of features on widely different spatial scales, the scale bar can be a very important part of a map or image!

    Where to next, Stephanie?


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