Farewell, Cape Town!

HDT Airbeam tent being loaded onto the Braveheart.  The tent is also blocking a nice view of Table Mountain.  Image credit: VK0EK team.

We are in the final breakfast and boarding process for departing Cape Town. Above is a picture from yesterday, where all the inspected expedition gear was loaded onto the Braveheart.

Cape Town has been very nice. Our hotel is within an easy walk of the ship, and there are many shops nearby where we have acquired food, groceries, clothing, outdoor gear, and souvenirs. Weather has been quite warm (26 °C, 79 °F) with a breeze. The local Cape Town team has been extremely helpful and have made much of the project move more smoothly. Crew from the Braveheart have also been wonderful to work with, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them more in the next six weeks. As the ships were loading, a seal was playing in the harbor, gulls were flying around, and even a few terns were spotted.

As can be seen in the photo above, there is some interesting geology around Cape Town. Most noticeable is Table Mountain, which is primarily made up of the Table Mountain Sandstone. Closer to the hotel is Signal Hill, which has slates that have been tilted nearly vertical. We were able to see these up close yesterday evening after the ship was loaded and things were under control. It’s quite a view from up there (sorry, haven’t had time to process pics). For more on the geology of Cape Town, take a look at this post by Dr. Evelyn Mervine, who writes one of the AGU blogs.

Internet connectivity on the ship is likely to be minimal, but with luck I’ll be able to get a post or two up from Heard Island! More frequent news updates can be found at vk0ek.org.

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