Geoscientist’s Toolkit: SERC

Have you ever developed your own activities for doing outreach related to your research? Or wanted to find a way to teach a geoscience concept to a class?

There is a great resource available for this kind of thing: the Science Education Resource Center, at Carleton College [my alma mater].

From demos to lab ideas to tutorials on how certain types of equipment work, SERC has lots of great material. Of course, it doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. If you have taken the time to develop an interesting and useful activity, guide, or lab, you can submit the materials for others to use (under a Creative Commons license).

I have used SERC to get activities on dinosaurs (this one on calculating the speed of dinosaurs was awesome!), as well as to find good resources on mineralogy (my background as a chemist left me a bit behind mineralogy/petrology when I joined an Earth Science research group). There are activities and discussions around topographic maps, glaciers, climate change, groundwater, and the geologic timescale (my introduction to the geologic timescale, which isn’t on SERC, can be found here).

SERC is a great resource, and they hold workshops/webinars too!